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Brand Governance

The integrity of the Glacier brand, which is essential to our world-class organisation, needs to be protected and is therefore governed on both a business and a brand level.

As employees, the contract we each have with Glacier grants us permission to use the brand in our daily activities to promote the business objectives. It is imperative that we comply with every guideline governing the brand.

Approved templates are available for everyday use. Should you require anything to be developed over and above what is available, there are guideline documents which approved agencies and suppliers must follow to ensure consistent application that meets brand standards at all times.

The Glacier Marketing team are the guardians of the exact processes and procedures to be followed and will ensure that the necessary approval is obtained. They should be your first port of call if you have requests or issues relating to the brand.

Why Do We Need Good Brand Governance?

Brand governance creates better resource allocation and improves efficiency, which maximises impact and minimises spend.

It furthermore:

  • Helps drive consistency in application and decision-making processes
  • Eliminates subjectivities associated with internal brand management
  • Aligns and unites the entire business behind a single brand understanding and brand-building approach
  • Provides the “glue” to connect the entire organisation, building a “one voice” culture which promotes consistent external communication
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