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Co-branding Guidelines

Equal Partnership

Glacier is one of equal partners that sponsor conferences, events, activities, documents or presentations. We are usually just one of two partners, which need to feature on collateral with equal visual prevalence.

  • In a co-branded lockup, the Glacier logo lockup must be retained in Glacier Blue and Grey at all times
  • The partner’s logo should be of equal proportion and visual weighting to that of the Glacier logo lockup
  • An underlining device (1,5 pt) is to be used to represent each of the partnered brands’ colours
  • Co-branded lockups can feature one of the following sponsorship descriptors:
    • in partnership with
    • in proud partnership with
    • presented by
    • brought to you by
  • The stroke between the two brand logos is 1,5 pt black

Please allocate time for the correct sign-off process.

Third-party Applications

The Glacier logo lockup can be separated from the intermediary’s logo while maintaining the equal partnership guidelines.

The Glacier logo lockup can appear anywhere on the page, but must be used in one of these approved layouts below.

Please allocate time for the correct sign-off process.

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