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Tone of Voice

Think World Class

As a world-class organisation, our communication should be clear, professional and consistent to contribute to the positive image and reputation of our brand, and also to comply with regulations.

As world-class professionals, we are committed to providing our clients with the very best service and solutions.

Our tone of voice needs to reflect our brand personality.

Personal and professional. We treat our clients as people, but always maintain the highest professional standards in all our communication with them. We keep our sentences crisp and short, and adhere to the highest standards of syntax, spelling and grammar.

Clear and transparent. We hold ourselves accountable to always being fair, collaborative and straightforward in all our dealings with our clients. In line with the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) approach, we use clear and simple language and avoid jargon and fine print wherever possible.

Passionate and committed. There is a sense of purpose in what we say and how we say it, without being boastful or authoritarian. We know that financial services can be impersonal, which is why we aim to sound human, warm and inclusive whenever we communicate.

Honest and trustworthy. Like our actions, our words should inspire trust. We are genuine and sincere in our communication and don’t make claims that are untrue or exaggerated. Our attitude is one of care, respect and world-class attention.

For the purposes of this document, the term “clients” refers to both financial intermediaries and end clients, unless stated otherwise. Download the complete Glacier Communication Guidelines

Glacier Financial Solutions (PTY)LTD is a licensed financial services provider.
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