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Buy and Sell Agreements

Protect the future of your business.

If you or one of your business partners should pass away or become disabled, it does not mean that your business’s future should be at stake. By agreeing that the surviving partners or shareholders will buy the interest of the deceased or disabled partner, you can ensure continuity of the business. According to the buy and sell agreement, each shareholder takes out a life policy on the other’s life, which funds the purchase of their interest when the time comes.



Glacier Buy and Sell AgreementsEnsure that your company remains in the ownership of current partners in the event of death or disability – Get a quote for buy & sell agreements insurance from Sanlam Glacier.Glacier Buy and Sell Agreements<p>Payment of benefit</p><h3>Purchase of shareholder interest at death or disability</h3><p>Contributions</p><h3>Varies based on the shareholder structure and value</h3> <p> <b>Features:</b></p><ul><li>Certainty of purchase price and updated market value</li><li>Proceeds are free from estate duty and capital gains tax based on certain provisions</li> </ul>Get AdviceBlue




Key Person Insurance Person InsurancePrevent potential losses in the event that a key person dies or becomes disabled with a key man insurance policy from Sanlam Glacier.Protect the sustainability and profitability of your business in case of a key person’s death or disability. Person Insurance_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, Key Person Insurance preview
Buy and Sell Agreements and Sell AgreementsEnsure that your business continues to prosper in the event of the death or disability of a partner with a shareholder buy & sell agreement from Sanlam Glacier.Get certainty that your business will remain in the hands of your business partners when something happens to you by agreeing that they will buy your shares. and Sell agreements_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, Buy and Sell Agreements preview
Contingent Liability LiabilityProtect your personal estate and company from debt in the event of death or disability by investing in contingent liability insurance with Sanlam Glacier.It can take years to repay any debt in your business. That’s why it’s important to protect your business and your family should you die before the loan is settled. Liability_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, Contingent Liability preview

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