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How smoothing benefits members

  • Smoothing reduces exposure to short-term market volatility.
  • It lessens the risk of investing in or disinvesting from the market at the wrong time due to circumstances beyond a member’s control, for example retirement or retrenchment
  • It protects members’ capital and is particularly suitable for members approaching retirement, or whose employment is vulnerable to economic changes, as well as those with a conservative to moderate risk profile.

Performance during downturns

Clients with RAs invested in the Sanlam Stable Bonus Fund have received regular bonus declarations that are designed to provide smoothed returns over time and reduce investment volatility, compared to that of other pure market-linked portfolios.

Sanlam’s Stable Bonus Fund showed its worth during the 2008 global financial crisis by still declaring bonuses in adverse market conditions, giving retirement fund members peace of mind.

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