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Financial Planning

Estate Planning & Financial Planning for your Business

You work hard to create and grow wealth for your family and your retirement. Ensure that you create a legacy with Glacier Fiduciary Services.

The purpose of our services is to increase, preserve and protect your assets during your lifetime and to ensure their use after your death. For the business owner, our services also include the preservation and protection of business interests.

How you benefit from fiduciary services

You get access to the following benefits when you make use of Glacier Fiduciary Services

  • Professional, independent advice regarding your estate planning needs
  • Personalised and specific estate planning advice addressing individual concerns and objectives
  • Review of trust deeds to ensure that the deed complies with the law and reflects the wishes of the founder and the purpose of the trust
  • Expert guidance in drafting a will to ensure that your wishes can be given effect.


A will is the foundation of a successful estate plan. It expresses your wishes about what happens to your personal assets when you die. It is therefore important to ensure that your will is valid, signed and up-to-date.

We will provide advice about your will, ensuring that the provisions are linked to your overall estate planning needs. We also give advice about:

  • The necessity for separate wills for onshore and offshore assets
  • The efficient disposal of business interests
  • The protection of inheritances for minors


Trust structuring and reviews

A trust is brought about when property is transferred by one party to be held by another party, for the benefit of a third party. If used effectively, a trust is an estate planning and tax planning instrument that can save you money and protect your family when they need it most. Skilled trustees can significantly enhance the long-term financial well-being of current and future generations.

Glacier can provide advice on how to create and register new trusts based on your requirements and ensure that the trustees are able to manage the trust assets with flexibility and tax efficiency.

We conduct reviews of existing trust deeds to ensure that they are up to date, take account of recent legislative and tax changes, and are being administered properly.

Estate Planning

We have various tools available to analyse your estate liquidity and indentify your business risks.

The estate planning process deals with four main aspects:

  1. Your personal assets
  2. Trust assets
  3. Contractual agreements, such as life insurance proceeds and buy-and-sell agreements
  4. Retirement fund benefits

Estate planning must take all potential life events, both good and bad, into account and be flexible enough to meet your changing needs. We can assist you and your financial planner to make decisions about the following:

  • What to note in your will to achieve your succession objectives
  • Whether you need a trust, and if you already have one, whether it is structured correctly and functioning appropriately
  • Who to use as a trustee
  • Tax planning related to your estate
  • Using an offshore trust and/or company

Our structuring advice is personalised and specific

It is designed to address your individual concerns and objectives.

Our team of highly qualified fiduciary specialists will ensure that your planning instruments fit together to produce the results you want. It is our aim to ensure that your objectives to create, preserve and transfer your wealth are met.

Although we do not provide implementation services like drafting your will or trust deed, we can refer you to a competent service provider who can implement our recommendations

 Financial Planning



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