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Glacier Invest

Glacier Invest is a discretionary fund manager (DFM) that provides holistic investment and operational support to financial advisers.

We provide financial advisers with an unrivalled and fully customisable investment proposition that enhances and enriches the investment experience for clients. Utilising our skill and scale, we provide advisers with expertly constructed, innovative investment solutions that are tailor-made for clients.

What is discretionary fund management?

A holistic investment service for advisers where portfolio management is outsourced to individuals or firms such as Glacier Invest, with multi-management experience and a Category II Discretionary FSP licence.

A sound DFM service offering should include:

Investment capability

  • Research
  • Model and/or bespoke portfolio construction

Operational capability

  • Upfront and ongoing compliance (mandate breaches, Regulation 28 and liquidity)
  • Reporting – performance and compliance (monthly factsheets, quarterly overviews, etc.)
  • Administration

The DFM service is predominantly offered in two capacities:

  • Discretionary – offered to intermediaries with a Category I FSP licence
  • Advisory – offered to intermediaries with a Category II FSP licence

What differentiates Glacier Invest?

  1. Skill
    Glacier Invest has experienced investment professionals who provide comprehensive investment support while taking into account an adviser’s practice requirements. Our team is renowned for their management, research and portfolio construction skills, and has an exceptional portfolio management track record.
  2. Scale
    Our scale affords our investors cost-effective access to the best managers, portfolio construction techniques and tactical expertise. Our large amount of assets under management (AUM) allows us to invest in both operational capabilities that create practice efficiencies and investment technology that empowers you as financial adviser to make better investment decisions. It also creates pricing power that allows us to negotiate better pricing with asset managers that will immediately benefit client portfolios.

    Operationally, we pride ourselves on having dedicated implementation analysts, a team dedicated to our performance systems, specialist financial services legal consultants and compliance officers, and tailored co-branded reporting functionality.
  3. Simplicity
    Client preferences, legislation and advice-led solutions drive our strategy. Our solutions are simple, thereby creating greater transparency.

Meet our business development team

Knowledgeable, well-respected and industry-leading, the team at Glacier Invest comprises more than 20 investment professionals with more than 280 years of collective experience in the investment and portfolio management industries. They hold diverse qualifications across disciplines and fields.

With this supportive investment muscle, our business development managers are poised to partner with intermediaries and assist with the intricate processes related to portfolio construction, retirement income planning and discretionary fund management.

Our philosophy

Glacier Invest blends world-class investment capability, superior operational scale and pricing power, and revolutionary technology to bring you the future of portfolio construction.

We believe that the purpose of portfolio management is to maximise the probability of a client achieving their desired outcome while adopting the appropriate amount of risk.

Our investment process comprises three main sub-processes, all of which we believe are central to providing good and repeatable outcomes:

  • Manager research and selection: ensure we identify truly skilful managers and get to know their particular investment style.
  • Market research and forecasting in order to determine when a particular investment style will be favoured.
  • Portfolio construction that combines superior yet diverse managers optimally to meet performance expectations.

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