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Retirement Income Retirement Income

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Retirement Income

Get an income and manage your retirement savings.

When you retire you need to make the most of your savings. To do this you should invest in a product that will help you get the right level of income whilst ensuring that your income lasts throughout your retirement. Read more about our solutions below, or speak to your financial planner about how to maximise these solutions by combining them.

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Glacier's Investment-linked Lifetime Income PlanGet regular income throughout retirement by investing in a linked lifetime income plan with Sanlam Glacier – Contact us on: 021 917 9002.Investment-Linked Lifetime Income Plan<p>Minimum contribution</p><h3>R250 000 lump sum</h3><p>Investment Period​</p><h3>For the rest of your life</h3>​<p> <b>Feat​ures:​</b></p><ul><li>Receive a guarante​ed number of retirement income units as a regular income for the rest of your life, while your income has the potential to grow in line with market returns</li></ul>​Get Advice
Glacier Investment-linked Living AnnuityThis investment-linked living retirement annuity (ILLA) from Sanlam provides added flexibility to control underlying investments & income drawn.Glacier Investment-Linked Living Annuity<p>Minimum contribution</p><h3>R100 000 lump sum + ad hoc contributions of R15 000</h3><p>Investment Period</p><h3>For the rest of your life</h3>​<p> <b>Features:​</b></p><ul><li>Receive a regular and flexible income during retirement, while your savings have the potential to grow </li></ul>Get Advice
Sanlam Life AnnuitySanlam Life Annuity<p>Minimum contribution</p><h3>Must be enough to provide an income of at least R100 per month</h3><p>Investment period</p><h3>For the rest of your life</h3> <p> <b>Features:​​</b></p><ul><li>Receive a regular income throughout your retirement while remaining fully protected against the risk of outliving your savings</li></ul>Get Advice|#c074bfa3-68a6-49e0-8b11-3ec23a2e74b1;L0|#0c074bfa3-68a6-49e0-8b11-3ec23a2e74b1|SanlamCoZa;GTSet|#21a8094b-f28c-4b9a-bb50-6cc4957db0b4

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