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Retirement Savings

Grow your retirement capital during your working years.

Saving enough for retirement is one of your greatest priorities, and probably also one of your biggest concerns. We offer a solution to which you can make regular contributions in order to save, as well as solutions in which you can invest the proceeds of your pension or provident fund if you leave your employer.

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Glacier Retirement AnnuityInvest in a Glacier retirement annuity with Sanlam. This flexible tax saving plan allows you to choose from a range of local & offshore funds – from R2500 P/M.Glacier Retirement Annuity<p>Minimum contribution</p><h3>R100 000 lump sum and R1 000per month<br>No lump sum and R2 500 per month </h3><p>Investment period</p> <h3>Until at least age 55</h3>​<p> <b>Features:</b></p><ul><li>Benefit from tax deductions based on your contributions</li><li>Stop and start contributions at any time without penalties</li></ul>Get Advice/personal/retirement/Pages/glacier-retirement-annuity.aspxBlue
Glacier Preservation FundsPreserve your retirement savings with a preservation fund from Sanlam Glacier. Contact a financial planner for guidance on: 021 917 9002.Glacier Preservation Funds<p>Minimum contribution</p><h3>R100 000 lump sum <br> PLUS ad hoc contributions of R15 000 </h3><p>Investment period</p><h3>Until at least age 55</h3> ​<p> <b>Features:​​</b></p><ul><li>Complete flexibility to change your underlying investments </li><li>Freedom to move your money to another company’s preservation fund without any penalty</li></ul>Get Advice
Sanlam Cumulus Echo PreserversThe Cumulus Echo preserver retirement plan rewards you with a bonus payment if you remain invested until retirement. Grow your money with Sanlam!Sanlam Cumulus Echo Preservers<p>Minimum payment</p><h3>R25 000 one-off payment<br> Ad hoc payments of R5 000 </h3><p>Investmen​t period</p><h3>Until at least age 55</h3>​<p> <b>Features:​</b></p><ul><li>Get a bonus based on how long you stay invested</li><li>Freedom to choose your under-<br>lyin​​g investments from a range<br> of leading investment funds</li></ul>​Get AdviceBlue

Get Advice

It is important to bear in mind that any investment has some risk. We therefore recommend that you consult a financial planner who can help you find the most appropriate products for your needs and circumstances.


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