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International Investments

Expand your investment universe by diversifying your portfolio across countries and currencies.

Investing outside the borders of South Africa enables you to benefit from opportunities that are not available locally. Diversifying your portfolio also protects you from the risks of rand depreciation as well as political and economic risk. We know investors have different needs and preferences when it comes to choosing and managing investments, and we cater for these differences. You have the option to be as involved with your investments as you wish, making your own decisions, or using Glacier International’s range of managed portfolios or discretionary fund management options.

You can invest in any combination of the investment options on offer, or in any of them individually. This offers you the ability to get a completely customised product for your own specific requirements, according to your level of risk tolerance.



Glacier International Global Life PlanThe Sanlam Glacier Global Life Plan is a unit-linked investment plan that provides exposure to international markets with tax & estate planning benefits.Glacier International Global Life Plan<p>Minimum contribution</p><h3>US$ / € / ₤ / AUD / CHF 25 000 lump sum <br> PLUS additional investments of US$ / € / ₤ / AUD / CHF 5 000</h3><p>Investment period</p><h3>A minimum of five years </h3><p> <b>Features:</b></p><ul><li>Flexibility to select from our fund list or choose a risk-profiled managed fund</li><li>No international estate duty issues</li></ul>Get AdviceBlue
NavigateNavigate investment portfolios from Sanlam Glacier provide a cost-effective way to invest – Choose from funds with different risk exposure according to your needs.Navigate Optimised Model Portfolios<p>Minimum contribution</p><h3>US$ / € / ₤ / AUD / CHF 25 000 lump sum <br> PLUS additional investments of US$ / € / ₤ / AUD / CHF 5 000</h3><p>Investment Period​</p><h3>Minimum of five years</h3><p> <b>Features:</b></p><ul><li> Simplified, guided offshore investing</li><li> Model portfolios constructed in accordance with specific risk profiles and investment objectives</li></ul>Get AdviceBlue
Glacier International Global Collection PlanThe Global Collection Plan from Sanlam Glacier provides exposure to international markets. Grow your savings by investing in a range of unit trusts from leading fund managers.Glacier International Global Collection Plan <p>Minimum contribution</p><h3>US$ / € / ₤ / AUD / CHF 25 000 lump sum <br> PLUS additional investments of US$ / € / ₤ / AUD / CHF 5 000</h3><p>Investment period</p><h3>Open-ended</h3><p> <b>Features:</b></p><ul><li>Flexibility to select from our fund list or to choose a risk-profiled managed fund</li> <li>Convenient access to your fund information at all times</li></ul>Get AdviceBlue

 Other Investment Options



Local Investments InvestmentsAchieve your financial goals with our extensive range of flexible investment plans and tax-free savings investments. Speak to a financial adviser about investing today!Get easy access to the markets through our wide range of unit trust funds. Choose the fund that is suitable for your long-term savings goals at affordable rates. Investments_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, Local Investments preview
International Investments InvestmentsDiversify your financial portfolio by investing offshore with Glacier International. We cater for both novice and experienced investors with guided and self-directed investment services.Reduce your risk by investing in different global markets and different currencies. When you invest internationally, you also get access to a wider range of opportunities. Investments_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, International Investments preview
Stockbroking’s share trading service gives you access to experienced stockbrokers to manage your portfolio. We can invest locally or internationally based on your needs.Our share trading service gives you cost-efficient access to respected stockbrokers who can manage your share portfolio according to your needs., Stockbroking preview

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