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If you could get a glimpse of real retirement, would you change your plans?

We paired three young South Africans with three inspiring retirees to uncover what retirement is really like. For six weeks, they shared the realities of life in retirement; from everyday hobbies, daily routines and future plans, to the ups and downs of financial and physical wellbeing.

We all know that saving for retirement is an essential part of life, but what are we actually saving for?



Find out about the latest Retirement Reform Update and how it will affect you.

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Every week, we share the experiences of our retirees and their younger collaborators on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow #FutureFWD

Every week, we share the experiences of our retirees and their younger collaborators on Facebook and Twitter.
Follow #FutureFWD on Facebook and Twitter

#FutureFWD Facts

  • A 65-year-old man has a 50% chance of living to 85. Have you saved enough for this eventuality?

  • A 65-year-old woman has a 50% chance of living to 89. Have you saved enough for this eventuality?

Meet the Pairs

Michael Olivier - 69

Ex-restaurateur and current wine fundi
“If people ask me if I’m retired, I say, “no.” But I don’t have a full-time job.”

Even though Michael left his last restaurant venture in the early 2000s, he is still actively involved in many food and wine projects. Although mostly for the pure love of the job, his part-time ventures help to generate an income to supplement his savings. The freedom from a normal 9-to-5 allows him to spend more time with his family, and take up the occasional impromptu trip to a wine farm.

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Candice Bresler - 29

PR Executive and food lover
“I don’t want to be a stay-at-home-and-do-nothing retiree.”

For Candice, retirement doesn’t feature on her financial must-have list yet. There are other more pressing priorities. She fills her days with her passions – cooking, wine, and travelling – and would love to continue doing so well into retirement. Only this time for pure enjoyment, not to pay bills.

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Tommy Blake - 65

Retired private physician
“The most surprising thing about retirement is how busy you are.”

Tommy is, in what he calls, “the honeymoon phase of retirement’”, having retired little under a year ago. He started saving for retirement after he graduated from medical school. He’s always been cautious with money, and hopes this trait will help him to manage his investments well into the future. His best-loved hobby? Spending time with his family and 5 grandkids.

Thoban Jappie - 42

Social Media Entrepreneur
“My nest egg needs to give me the freedom to do whatever I want.”

With his first, steady salary at the age of 22, Thoban took the advice of his older friends and started saving towards his retirement. Now, with a small family, he’s putting all his energy into his business and passions, while keeping sight of a Round The World ticket for three.

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Sarah Ravenhill - 56

Retired Tourism Entrepreneur
“It’s almost mind-boggling how much is available to do when you’re retired.”

For Sarah, selling her successful cycle tour business made it easier to join her retired-husband on all his adventures and activities. Most notably, cycling. Her fitness would put most 30-year-olds to shame. Her bucket list includes walking the Camino in Spain, returning to the Himalayas and taking up a more relaxing hobby, painting.

Bailey Schneider - 32

Radio personality and lifestyle blogger
“I’ve never really thought about retirement. I’m so focused on my career.”

Bailey has big dreams. She sees herself retired at the age of 50, living with her family in the Mediterranean. But she knows that’ll only come with hard work, and she’s accepted that as her challenge. Her CV reflects a woman in charge.

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